Anti-Aging Benefits of NMN and NR Supplements

NMN is a molecule that is able to enter cells through a special mechanism, which has a direct effect on the cellular metabolism. NMN is a direct precursor of NAD+, the molecule that is responsible for generating energy in the body.

NMN has a rapid absorption rate, which means that it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. NMN is then quickly converted into NR, which increases the overall level of NAD+ in the body. This may have beneficial effects on age-related issues such as the production of energy, oxidative stress, and cancer prevention.

Studies have shown that NMN supplementation has improved mitochondrial function, decreased mitochondrial fragmentation, and increased aerobic capacity. It has also suppressed adipose tissue inflammation. It has improved neurovascular functions, including improved insulin sensitivity. NMN therapy has also been found to restore circadian rhythm gene expression and inflammatory response.

There are many companies and websites that promote NMN as an anti-aging supplement. In order to evaluate its safety, clinical investigations are needed. Unfortunately, the FDA has not approved NMN for this purpose.

The United States Special Forces have been using a pill containing NMN as an anti-aging supplement. This pill is based on the crystalline form of NMN. It was found to be non-genotoxic and safe for humans.

NR is a patented NAD+ precursor. It has been studied in six clinical trials. It has been found to increase the levels of NAD+ in the blood and liver. It is being tested for Alzheimer’s disease, kidney injury, and mitochondrial myopathy. It is also being investigated for its use in treating Friedreich’s ataxia.