Chinese Names For NAD+

NMN is short for Nan Jiang Da De Dong Xiao Neng Li. It is a precursor to NAD+ that can bypass rate-limiting steps. This is considered the best and most efficient NAD+ precursor available. Unfortunately, NMN is not easy to manufacture. Many cheap imitations are not pure NMN and may contain other compounds that raise safety issues. Luckily, human trials have shown that NMN supplementation does increase NAD+ levels. It also has anti-aging properties.

This is because NMN is a very potent precursor to NAD+ and it feeds directly into a single step enzymatic generation of NAD+. This results in a higher yield and a high quality product. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult compounds to produce. It is also relatively expensive to produce. It is one of the main reasons that NMN supplementation is not commercially available.

Another Chinese name for NMN is Qi Zhong 85Hou. It is not as well-known as NR or NA, but it does make the list of the most important Chinese names. The term is attributed to its ability to bypass a rate-limiting step, making it the most promising NAD+ precursor. It is also credited to its ability to withstand heat.

Some other Chinese names for NMN are: Jin Nian Shan Shi Bu Chong Ji Qiang Le Kang (SLEKAN), Wu Lun Cong Chan Pin Xiao Yi (WLCCPY), and You Duo Xiang Ke Xue Yan Jiu Fa Xue Yang (WDXYY). These are the most common Chinese names for NMN, but there are many others.