Is NMN the Key to Longevity?

NMN is an enzyme which is responsible for cellular energy production. It is important for cognitive function, healthy blood sugar levels, and mitochondrial function. It is also known to reverse the negative effects of maternal age on development milestones. It can be safely consumed at high doses.

Several studies have been conducted to explore the anti-aging potential of NMN. However, there are still questions about its safety and efficacy. The first step is to establish safety profiles in human subjects. It is also essential to perform long-term follow-ups. Manufacturers need to support such studies.

The nutraceutical industry is aggressively marketing NMN supplements. These products are sold as functional foods and therapeutic drugs. These products are usually in the form of capsules, which contain up to 150 mg of NMN per capsule. These supplements are readily available in the market. Although NMN is not a FDA approved drug, it has been studied in humans and animal models.

NMN is a smaller molecule that is easily absorbed into the body. It is a metabolite of NAD+, an enzyme which is crucial for energy production. It has been shown to increase NAD+ levels in cells. NMN has also been shown to improve embryo development in aged mice.

The potential for NMN to help reduce aging and provide longevity is substantial. Manufacturers are unwilling to finance research due to the lower profit margins. Consumer advocacy groups are calling for a more rigorous approval process.