Rhonda Patrick – A Biomedical Scientist

Rhonda Patrick, a biomedical scientist, is a health expert who is well-known for her groundbreaking research on aging, nutrition, and cancer prevention. She is also an advocate of vitamin D, exercise, and mindfulness. She has a podcast and you can watch her videos online. She also has an Instagram account and a Twitter account.

She is an expert in nutrient supplementation and is passionate about ensuring everyone gets the nutrients they need. She is also committed to researching the best products for different age groups. Her work is based on research that she has compiled over many years. She sources her supplements from only the best brands, and her own trials and errors have led her to discover which ones are the most effective.

The majority of her daily supplementation involves multivitamins. She also takes a probiotic, and a melatonin supplement. However, she doesn’t use any compounds that inhibit enzymes in the brain.

She also eats a high-quality fish oil. She used to take Norwegian PURE-3, but it can be difficult to find. She now takes Wild Alaskan salmon roe caviar, which she buys in bulk from VitalChoice. The roe is a great source of DHA.

She also takes a Quercetin supplement. It is known to be anti-inflammatory and senolytic. She tries to maintain her blood levels of Vitamin D at 40 ng/ml.

She also uses a collagen supplement. It helps with joint and face aging, as well as improves skin elasticity. She usually takes it in powder form.