Which is Better NR Or NMN?

There are many people who ask which is better NR or NMN? The answer is not that simple. Both have been shown to help with many different health benefits. But there are some key differences between the two.

First, NR is a patented NAD+ precursor. It is a smaller molecule than NMN and is less complex. Therefore, it can get into the body quicker.

NR is also a GRAS approved product. This means that it can be sold by supplement manufacturers. However, it is not allowed to be sold in finished dosage formulations. You should be careful when buying NR supplements. Some suppliers sell precursors that are not authentic or don’t follow proper storage and handling practices.

NMN, on the other hand, is a larger molecule that can enter cells directly. NMN is more stable in the body. In fact, it can increase NAD levels more safely than NR.

NMN is also better for bioavailability. Researchers have found that it can be absorbed directly from the gut into the bloodstream within two to three minutes. That’s compared to the three to six hours it takes to absorb NR.

NMN is a better molecule for certain groups of people. Those with Crohn’s disease may benefit from taking a twice-daily dose.

If you’re looking to boost your NAD levels, you should try a safe fasting routine. Although it isn’t an easy process, it has been proven to be effective.

As of now, there isn’t any evidence to show that boosting NAD can lead to cancer. Several studies have shown that boosting your NAD level can increase your overall wellbeing.