NMN Supplement Research

NMN supplement research has shown that this substance can promote health and longevity in several areas. It can improve cardiovascular function, improve insulin sensitivity, and promote a healthy supply of energy to the cells. In addition, NMN is thought to be useful in helping to maintain the integrity of the DNA.

The NMN molecule is thought to act directly on the cellular machinery that produces NAD+, the key metabolite that helps to fuel the body. Studies have also linked the molecule to reproductive and cardiovascular health, as well as to blood flow and glucose levels.

NMN has been studied in animal models and cell cultures, but more research is needed to assess its effectiveness and safety. Some studies have found that it has a range of pharmacological activities, including improving the function of the mitochondria, increasing NAD production, and reducing the risk of age-related complications.

Recent clinical trials have looked at the effects of NMN on both healthy adults and postmenopausal women with poor blood sugar control. Results show that NMN can boost the activity of the sirtuin enzyme group, which reduces oxidative stress and DNA damage.

NMN can also increase lean mass in mice. Another study shows that NMN supplementation can support brown fat thermogenesis, an essential form of energy in the body.

A new clinical trial has been launched in Japan. Researchers at the University of Tokyo are studying the effects of oral NMN on body composition in elderly men and women. This is a placebo-controlled study.