CoQ10 With NAC and Glutathione

CoQ10 is a fat-soluble vitamin-like substance that supports the production of energy in mitochondria. It plays an important role in reducing oxidative stress and heart damage. In addition, it may help to support brain health and prevent cognitive decline.

Adding PQQ to a supplement protocol is an effective way to support the health of your whole body. PQQ helps protect your brain from the harmful effects of free radicals, reduce inflammation, and protect against neuronal injuries.

Antioxidants are nutrients that combat the damaging effects of free radicals. They also help to reduce oxidative stress and support the health of the entire cardiovascular system. Taking a high-level antioxidant regularly helps to prevent signs of aging, such as pigment spots and wrinkles.

Both CoQ10 and PQQ provide unique benefits to the heart. However, more research is needed to determine how they work.

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) has been shown to improve cardiac function after intoxication with carbon tetrachloride. Studies show that PQQ may improve neurological functions by promoting the formation of nerve growth factor (NGF).

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that supports the cellular health of the body. Studies indicate that the antioxidant properties of NAC reduce the changes in oxidative stress biomarkers following CCl4 treatment.

In addition, studies show that CoQ10 has antioxidant effects that benefit the central nervous system. A study showed that a 40-fold increase in NGF levels helped to maintain the brain’s health and function.

The combination of Solaray’s CoQ10 and PQQ ensures you receive the powerful antioxidant protection you need. This supplement is made with safe, natural ingredients that are free from artificial colors and sweeteners.