GloriFikation Review – NMN Lozenges

NMN Lozenges are a convenient and easy way to increase NAD+ levels in your body. This nutrient is important for life. It repairs damaged DNA and generates energy for your body. Taking NMN daily is an effective method to help you live longer.

NMN is a patented nicotinamide mononucleotide that has been shown to increase the level of NAD+ in the body. NAD+ levels naturally drop with age. However, NMN has been shown to increase NAD+ levels by 49% in just 60 days.

NMN is a safe, patented pharmaceutical grade molecule. In addition to its proven benefits, it is also produced without chemical solvents.

Studies show that NMN helps improve energy metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, NMN can protect brain cells from damage. Taking NMN may improve quality of life and help prevent age-related cognitive decline. Currently, there are three clinical studies on NMN. The third one is still ongoing at the University of Tokyo Hospital.

There are a few other NMN supplements that are available on the market, including NMN capsules, tablets, and powder. The difference between them is in the dosage and how they are absorbed. NMN is best absorbed through the oral mucosa. Therefore, NMN Lozenges are ideal for people who do not enjoy taking pills or capsules.

GloriFikation’s NMN Lozenges offer 500 mg of pure NMN. They are easy to swallow, are gluten-free, and are made without artificial ingredients. Plus, each lozenge is 99% pure trans-resveratrol.