NMN Supplement

NMN supplement is a supplement that helps the body stay young. It increases the levels of NAD+ in the bloodstream. The NMN molecule is believed to be a precursor to NAD+.

This molecule can be found in many vegetables. However, the NMN molecule is also degraded by light and exposure to oxygen. A high dose of NMN may pose safety concerns. Therefore, a lower dose is recommended.

Although NMN supplements are promising, the research into their effects on humans is still in its infancy. One study showed that a single dose of NMN improved energy metabolism in mice. Another study showed that NMN helped women with menopause.

NMN supplements can be taken orally. They should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

Some brands use liposomes to increase the absorption rate. These small fatty “shells” are shaped like the human cell membrane. This makes NMN more easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Using liposomes increases the absorption of NMN by 3 to 10 times. However, researchers are divided on whether this technology actually improves the effectiveness of NMN.

Renue by Science offers supplements that are both liposomal and non-liposomal. Each product is designed to work in conjunction with the other, though the absorption rates are different.

UltraHealth 300C is an affordable, high-quality NMN supplement. It contains 250 mg of NMN in a sealed mylar pouch. Designed for medical professionals, this product is also enteric-coated.

Nutriop sells a few NMN products. They’re all manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. Unlike many of the other NMN brands on the market, the NMN in their products is pharmaceutical grade.