Boost Your Levels of NAD+ With NMN Revgenetics

If you want to boost your body’s levels of NAD+, you might consider taking an NMN supplement. NMN is a small molecule that’s similar to NAD+, and it has shown promise in several studies. The two have similar roles in the body, and scientists believe that boosting their levels can help combat diseases like cancer. But there are some differences between the two, and you might want to talk to your doctor before adding them to your diet.

There are several ways to take NMN, including as a capsule, a nasal spray, or a powder. You can find a variety of supplements on the market, but some companies offer better products than others. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your NMN, you’ll want to look for supplements that include ingredients that can enhance the absorption of NMN.

Liposomal NMN can also be a good choice. These tiny fatty “shells” mimic the human cell membrane, allowing NMN to be transported through the body’s plasma and into the bloodstream more effectively. Because the fatty shells prevent the breakdown of ingredients by digestive enzymes, they can be more easily absorbed into the body.

While more research is necessary, preliminary studies suggest that NMN can help protect against diseases and improve endurance. It may also help with oxidative stress, circadian rhythm disorders, and jet lag.

Another form of NMN is Nicotinamide Riboside (NR). NR is a more advanced form of NMN, and it’s used in a few clinical studies. NR has a few advantages over NMN, and it can be more effective in certain situations. For example, NR can be used to treat a coronavirus-caused cytokine storm. However, NR is less efficient than NMN, and it can cause a few side effects. Using NR is best done in conjunction with NMN.

A recent clinical trial in Japan showed that NMN is safe for human use. Researchers looked at NMN administered orally, and they found that there were no adverse effects on blood, muscle, or cardiovascular health. Additionally, the study showed no harmful effects on the levels of other biomarkers.

Renue By Science is one of the companies that offers a variety of NMN supplements. Their products are made from quality ingredients, and they put all their products through four rounds of pharmaceutical grade purity testing. They also feature additives to make the pills more palatable. They’re available in both capsule and powder forms, and they’re designed to dissolve quickly in the mouth.

In addition to its range of NMN-focused products, Renue By Science also has a line of liposomal NMN supplements. These supplements have been proven to increase the amount of NMN that’s absorbed by 3-10 fold.

Since the Japanese study, more human trials are expected to be carried out. Researchers believe that NMN’s ability to increase cellular efficiency and protect against oxidative stress can benefit people of all ages. This, in turn, might help prevent cancer and other degenerative conditions.