BioPQQ Boosts Memory, Cognitive Function, and Memory Enhancement

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is a polyphenol nutrient that promotes mitochondrial survival, proliferation, and cell signaling. It’s also an antioxidant and a neuroprotectant. These functions are important in the cellular processes that regulate memory, cognitive function, and brain health. PQQ can be found in a variety of common foods. Some of the most common sources of PQQ include green peppers, kiwi fruit, parsley, and other vegetables.

Research has shown that pyrroloquinoline quinone helps protect the brain from damage caused by free radicals. It also boosts the production of nerve growth factor, a protein involved in the development and maintenance of nerve cells. This boost in nerve growth factor is especially beneficial in maintaining neuroplasticity, a process by which the brain cells communicate.

Aside from supporting brain health, PQQ is also known to help with cardiovascular health. Research has also shown that it has antioxidant properties, and is effective in reducing oxidative stress. In fact, studies have even shown that it improves fatigue recovery.

In addition, BioPQQ, a branded form of PQQ, has been proven to stimulate the biogenesis of new mitochondria, which are responsible for providing ninety percent of the energy needed by human cells. This can provide a boost to overall energy levels, and can slow down the aging process.

However, it should be noted that more research is still necessary to understand the full effects of PQQ on the body. For instance, it is unclear whether PQQ can interact with medications, and whether it can cause any adverse side effects. If you’re considering taking a PQQ supplement, talk to your doctor first. Depending on your situation, your doctor may have other options for you to consider.

Studies have shown that PQQ improves sleep and mood. The substance has also been proven to decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Reduced levels of cortisol can lead to improved sleep. Likewise, decreasing levels of cortisol can also help to improve memory. Using a PQQ supplement can also reduce feelings of anger, confusion, and depression.

Studies have also found that PQQ can help with memory enhancement and prevent cognitive decline. This is because it helps to maintain healthy energy levels within the brain. As we age, our mitochondria, which are the primary powerhouses of the body, tend to malfunction. Increasing the number of mitochondria can prevent these complications and provide our bodies with more energy.

BioPQQ has been tested extensively in humans, and is registered on the European Union’s list of Novel Food Ingredients. The ingredient is manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co. Inc. and is marketed under the brand name MGCPQQ in Europe.

It is the only branded form of PQQ that has received an NDI notification from the FDA. This certification guarantees that it is safe and well-tolerated. Also, a quality assurance programme is available for this ingredient, and each batch is tested for banned substances.

BioPQQ is available in a wide range of formats, including tablets, chewable soft gels, and liquids. It is also sold under the brand name MGCPQQ, which is derived from the Japanese word for “pyrroloquinoline.”