What Does NAD Do For the Body?

NAD+ is a molecule that plays a critical role in the health and functioning of cells. It’s responsible for cellular energy and the repair of damaged cells.

As we age, we start to lose our levels of NAD+, and this decline is associated with a variety of age-related illnesses. Depleted levels are also linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. In recent years, scientists have been looking for ways to combat the effects of aging.

One of the most promising things researchers have found is that NAD+ supplements can help alleviate some of the most common effects of aging. By increasing the levels of this important molecule, you can improve your fitness, reduce inflammation, and combat age-related diseases.

Increasing your NAD+ level can also improve your cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that increased levels of this molecule can protect against heart damage caused by high blood pressure.

Research has also shown that NAD+ helps with cell regeneration and promotes healthy metabolism. Increased levels of this molecule may be able to counter the negative effects of a high-fat diet.

NAD+ is a key coenzyme in the body that plays a vital role in hundreds of metabolic processes. This molecule regulates proteins that are involved in repairing DNA and preventing cellular damage.

The effects of NAD+ on the vascular system have been well studied in mice. Mice with increased NAD+ have healthier hearts, reduced weight gain, and improved exercise performance.

Animal studies have also been conducted on the effectiveness of restoring NAD+ in humans. A new study has discovered that a short intermittent fasting regimen can increase NAD+ in the body. While this method is not recommended for most adults, it could be useful for individuals who want to boost their NAD levels without a serious calorie restriction.