PQQ Caps From Life Extension

The PQQ Caps from Life Extension are a great supplement to take to support healthy mitochondrial function and cellular energy production. They work by interacting with genes that promote new mitochondrial growth and health. This helps to enhance the cellular energy of your entire body, and may also support heart and brain health. These nutrients are derived from Japan, where they are processed through a unique fermentation process.

PQQ is known to be a powerful antioxidant that can protect cells from free radical damage. It also may promote the formation of new mitochondria, the cellular energy generators inside aging cells. Some research suggests that it may support healthy cellular memory and cognitive functions, and even protect the heart from cardiovascular disease. If you are interested in taking a PQQ supplement, make sure you check with your physician first before taking it. Despite its impressive antioxidant properties, it is best to avoid taking it with any medications you are currently taking. Also, avoid giving it to children or pregnant and lactating women.

In addition to supporting healthy cellular energy production, PQQ Caps may help promote quality sleep. Because of its ability to interact with genes involved in mitochondrial health, it may also support cognitive function and healthy heart function.