NAD and NMN Supplements

NAD and NMN supplements are available in a wide variety of products. Boosting the levels of these important coenzymes can help improve your overall health. They also have been shown to promote anti-aging effects. The good news is that these supplements are safe and don’t cause any side effects.

Researchers are examining the potential of using NAD+ and NMN to treat age-related diseases. Several groups are pursuing clinical trials. A NMN trial is underway at the Keio University School of Medicine in Japan. Another group is studying the long-term effects of NMN on glucose metabolism.

Increasing cellular energy production is one of the key benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle. It also helps to maintain a healthy cellular environment. But in order to achieve optimal cellular health, your body needs a boost of NAD+ and NMN.

To boost your levels of cellular energy, take a balanced, healthy diet that is rich in fiber and vegetarian foods. These types of foods promote a more active gut microbiome. You can also boost your cellular health by incorporating a ketogenic diet into your daily routine. This diet increases the ratio of NAD+ to NADH.

Taking a NAD+ supplement is the fastest way to increase your cellular energy levels. Taking a NMN supplement can enhance a person’s sensitivity to insulin and reduce age-related weight gain.

While NAD and NMN are both excellent compounds for boosting your cellular energy, the supplements aren’t the same. Both have different bioavailability.