What is PQQ?

PQQ (also called methoxatin) is an antioxidant derived from bacteria. Its purpose is to help bacteria digest alcohol. It also helps plants grow and survive. It is found in plants and is absorbed in fruits and vegetables.

There is a lot of confusion about PQQ‘s role in health. Some claim it is the vitamin of choice while others believe it is simply a vitamin. Either way, it has a multitude of uses, from athletic performance to memory boost. The best CoQ10 supplement includes ingredients that unlock its full potency.

While the science behind the miracle isn’t entirely clear, one study shows that taking a PQQ supplement can lower the inflammation markers in the blood. It can also stimulate the production of mitochondria, the powerhouses of cellular energy.

Not all studies have been as rigorous as the one in our lab, but a number have reported the following:

The first thing you should know is that there are two types of PQQ. The first is a ubiquinol version, which is more absorbable. The second is a synthetic version. Generally, the natural form is preferable.

The PQQ supplement is usually in the form of a powder or pill. However, the more sophisticated forms of this vitamin are manufactured through a bacterial fermentation process. These powders contain 250 times more of the substance than their food counterparts.

The most important thing to remember is that CoQ10 is not only a miracle drug, but it can prevent memory loss in older people. It also fends off the ill effects of Statin drugs. It helps to prevent cellular aging and protects the body from free radicals. The right supplement will keep all your cells in good shape.